Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Toy

Since I read that Lori got a new toy at an auction for cheap, i.e. a Singer 301, I thought I would let you all see my new toy.  I picked this machine up on FreeCycle, which is an e-mail list people post unwanted items and you can ask to pick it up. 

Its a Singer 185K, in green and cream.  Sews like a charm.  Very quiet, and is a straight stitch only machine.  These machines were made from 1958 to about 1962.  This machine was designed replace the 3/4 size Singer 99.  Brand new this machine could be had for $119.50, or you could pay $12.00 down and $1.25 a week..  Today, that $119.50 is the same as paying $950.00 and $12.00 down would be equal to $95.00, and the $1.25 a week, would be same as paying $10.00 a week.  So you were really paying for a quality machine that was made to last.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Postage Stamp Step 1:

Now that the book club has started, I can post step one.  Which is to sew each of your print squares with a neutral pair.  You should have 600 pairs.

We have also read to page 47 in the book.  Leave a comment on what you think is good about the novel and any questions about the quilt.