Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'm Back...

My goodness it has been an awful long time since I have posted anything new on my blog.  Its not that I have been ignoring it, its that I have been busy with life.  Shall I start at the beginning?

Last summer was pretty busy with work and other things, then around August, I started having a slight cough.  I never thought anything about it.  From then on things started to get progressively worse.  The cough turned into not being able to swallow very well.  I was going to the doctors and they were telling me the cough was because I had quit smoking and my body was cleansing itself.  What do I know, I am not a doctor, so I bought this story.  Then in September, I was really coughing badly, and went back to the doctor and was told nothing was wrong.  Since I suffer from allergies, they told that could be the case.  October and November I was really starting to feel lousy.  I would have night sweats, and I couldn't do anything without coughing.  I went back to the doctor and they said things looked normal.

The beginning of November was awful. I was tired, constantly coughing everytime I moved and I got where I could no longer function at work.  I was at home, confined to bed because I just never had the energy to move or to do much of anything.  It got worse.  I went to a doctor out of town and started treatment.  That treatment was for a tumor that was in my throat.  From then on, things really got bad.  I was admitted to ICU in the early part of December with renal faliure and what they thought might be TB.  However, upon on further evaluation from a specialist, I was told I had Pneumocystis Pneumonia.  And because of that pneumonia, it let a virus grow in the bottom of my lungs; I had to have my lungs scraped, which in and of itself is very scary.  Lots of medicines.  I was in the hospital for quite a while, and because of being so weak and bed ridden such a long period of time, I developed neuropathy in both my legs from the knee's down.  While I was released from the hospital after two weeks, I returned home walking with a cane because of balance issues, which I have no idea where those came from, as well as oxygen 24/7.  It was something that I was not used to doing.  Especially depending on others to help my in my situation, from cooking and cleaning, to even helping me walk.

Since January of this years things have gotten much better.  Slowly I have been regaining use of my feet and legs without having to need to use the assistance of a cane.  I also am no longer having to use oxygen to compensate for what my lungs where not producing.  Basically, I am almost back to normal, however, I still tire very easily. I returned to work towards the middle of February after not being at work since November.  It feels good to finally get back into the swing of life and carry one where I left off at.

In the past month, I have finally felt like quilting and knitting.  And reading.  Many of you may remember that I was a reader and whilst ill, I did none of those things.  To be quiet honest, I really don't remember much that did happen.  I just know that I am happy now that things have returned slightly back to normal, well at least as normally as they can be now.  I want many of you to know, especially people that I have meet through my blog and in person, that I did allow my mind to wonder to you all.  No I was not ignoring you or upset with you in anyway.  I was just out of it and had many other things to worry about, like getting well. 

Here is to a better spring, summer and fall than last year! And hopefully more quilt related stuff!