Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stormy Night

It seems that this past week has been a stormy one!  At least that's what Mother Nature decided to bring.  Stormy not so much on a personal level though.  It seems that we had some strong wind come through the area and bring more rain, which we hope wouldn't happen.

However, things are going ok for me as well.   I was accepted into a program at UNMC in Omaha for treatment.  Its very promising as the doctor is one of the leaders in research from what I am diagnosed with.  Good news there.  Other than that everything is probably going about the same.

The pic is from a local newspaper...the weather people say it was high wind, people who were in the heart of the storm say it was a tornado.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So here I am

back, and feeling much better than I was a couple weeks ago.  Things are looking better, than I expected.  And as my friend Henrietta says, "No sense crying over spilled milk," I am back and feeling better about where I am.  I had  a lot people asking what exactly was wrong.  In short, there was a lot of things happening to me all at once, and I just needed to set down and handle everything in my own way, and sometimes that caused unintentional pain to the people that were the closest to me.

The important thing is I am comfortable about where I am at in the grand scheme of things.  My illness will never go away, however, it will be controlled very well with medication and being under doctors care.  Rest assured its not my MS that is bothering me.  The people that I am close with know the diagnoses and I am not yet comfortable letting the "whole world" know what exactly is wrong.  Just know that I am going to be fine.

One of the main problems that I am running into is dealing with insurance companies, which is a royal pain.  It also means that I am having to really buckle down and save because the cost of new medications really astounded me.  Lets just say that a years worth of medication, just the basics could cost upwards of $180,000 a year.  That is just the medication, not the actual doctors appointments or anything else, just the medicine itself.  Right now, I am having to pay that out of my own pocket.  Needless to say, that means no new fabric, yarn or anything fun.

The good thing is I know what is wrong, and even though its not curable, it is able to be managed.  I think its just a huge relief knowing what was wrong.  Now its time to move on and start living live.