Sunday, July 25, 2010

What have I been up too....and Stash Report.

well sewing of course!  I have been hand piecing, because that's the way I roll.  I have 42 of these crown blocks made.  I just need to decide if I want to set them block to block, or put some sort of sashing between them.  They are large size blocks and measure 12 inches finished.  I love polka dots and solids, and so did my grandmother, so these are made in homage to  her!

The next picture shows some fantastic quilt blocks I found out and about for a buck.  There is 18 of them.  They are great!  Since they appear to be shoes and roses, I think they could be from the late 40's to the mid 50's.  I think of those woman's shoe plant holders from the same era.  I will have to do some awesomeness with these,  I need to find a awesome layout!

Now that I am all cleaned out, and got things settled, and am happy with my stash at this point, I think its fair to start over in a new stash report. 

Also while out and about, I have only been buying things I need.  i.e. batting, backing, etc.  But sometimes I still have the urge to buy vintage fabric, especially if its 50's era modern fabric.  Which I did buy some at a local estate sale.  But I even left some and only bought what I love.

Stash Report:  Starting Over...

Used to Date            5.0 yards
Bought to Date         2.0 yards

And since I still have lots of fabric, I am going to be only keeping track of used and bought.


  1. How many yards do you think you gave away?

  2. Hi Katie,

    I gave 500 yards to a church group.
    I gave 1000 yards to Lutheran World Relief
    I sent 200 yards home with Lori and Henrietta
    And I donated about 1500 yards of fabric dating from 1850ish to about 1950 to a local University for research. I probably got rid of around 3500 yards away plus or minus since some of the pieces were small, i.e. under a yard, I know I gave 50 copier paper boxes of those away to a group in central Nebraska.

  3. and how much fabric did that leave you with? Equal to or less than my "little" stash?!

    Love the blocks! I vote for sashing for the first set

  4. Jay, I would like to know how one comes to the fact of getting rid of the "stash". I've been trying to get rid of older fabrics, but they are some of my favorites. We've moved 2x, so we have literally lots of $$ in it! You know the drill-"can't sew fast enough"! I just think I would feel so much better having only what I'm working on, and not a whole store to choose from! Thankyou-I enjoyed your tutorial on tying the string quilts. Mary G.

  5. Jay--glad to see you back. Henrietta and I kept very little of that 200 yards. odd bits and pieces. Some blocks already made. embroidered top. I am using the scraps to make sampler blocks. I keep finding bits and pieces and ironing them!