Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stormy Night

It seems that this past week has been a stormy one!  At least that's what Mother Nature decided to bring.  Stormy not so much on a personal level though.  It seems that we had some strong wind come through the area and bring more rain, which we hope wouldn't happen.

However, things are going ok for me as well.   I was accepted into a program at UNMC in Omaha for treatment.  Its very promising as the doctor is one of the leaders in research from what I am diagnosed with.  Good news there.  Other than that everything is probably going about the same.

The pic is from a local newspaper...the weather people say it was high wind, people who were in the heart of the storm say it was a tornado.


  1. It must be a relief to be accepted into the program at UNMC where you will be in good hands. Take care.

  2. Jay, I've been reading your last couple posts and hoping that things are OK. Are you still planning your move or are you going to be staying there for your treatment?

  3. congrats on the program at UNMC. that is welcome news. and big hugs to you every day, you know that, right? MWAH. I love you, dear.