Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why hello!

Yes it has been a long time since a post.  I am feeling much better and things seem to be going ok for the moment.  I have felt like quilting again and I have been working on some very simple quilts.

Pictured below is the hand quilted quilt that we finished.  I taught this class once a week as I could.  It feels great to have it done, and it looks pretty good too. 

Not a whole lot is going on right now.  Its pretty quiet around here these days.


  1. Glad to hear you're getting your "git up 'n go" back. I've been inspired to finish some UFOs myself. I want to use them for show 'n tell at our quilt club Christmas party.

    The class quilt turned out very nice...what will the class do with it?

  2. good to see your feeling better and your back quilting

  3. Well Hello! back at you. How nice to see you up and about. Pretty pretty quilt.

    Saw you at Red Ink getting a dose of snark :)

    love H