Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Book Club Selection

Its almost time for the next book in our book club! This session we will be featuring the book, No Time On My Hands by Grace McCance Snyder.

Grace McCance Snyder's autobiography, No Time on My Hands, written with her daughter, Nellie Snyder Yost, is the account of her pioneer life from 1885--when Grace is three years old and her family moves to Nebraska from settled Missouri--until 1962, a full 20 years before Grace Snyder died at the age of 100. Compared to other books of life on the prairie and other fictional and non-fictional accounts of pioneering women, No Time on My Handsmakes these accounts even more vivid and awe-inspiring because of the great detail that Grace shares about the work that she and her mother and sisters did at their sod homestead on the plains of Nebraska.
During this session we will be making a postage stamp style quilt, though in much bigger pieces than what Grace used.
Supply List
1. Sewing Machine in good working order; please make sure you know how to use your machine. A quarter inch foot or seam guide is also helpful in making this quilt.
2. Neutral cotton thread
3. Pins
4. Scissors
5. Rotary cutter, small matt, and ruler
6. Fabric: To make this quilt from scraps, you will need a total of 1,200 two inch finished size squares the cut measurement is 2.5 inches. Other options include two Jelly Rolls, fabric yardage, or 600 scrap squares and 600 neutral squares to make a checkerboard type design. The exact yardage is as follows: You will need a total of 7 yards for your quilt top. This needs to be a mixture of textures, small prints, large scale prints, solids, neutrals. This will bring movement to your quilt top. If you choose to make a smaller or larger quilt top, you will need to adjust accordingly on your own.
7. Three strips of muslin each 1.5 inches by 3 inches. This will be used to test seam allowances, it’s very important when working with smaller pieces that you know what your seam allowance is.
Special Notes:
You need to be familiar with the quilting process and know how to use a rotary cutter safely.


  1. Jay, can I take part at home? I have a zillion 2.5 squares, just need white to go with all the patriotic scraps laying around. I do like your choice of book and pattern. All is well here!!

  2. I have all the items on your list--I'm like Julia--I'll have to participate from home.

    PS--save me--I keep finding Henrietta cutting 1.5" squares. she must have BILLIONS by now!

  3. No I don't!
    Hundreds, yes. All out of Lori's trash box.
    So there.

    I have a bit too much on my plate to participate, even at home but I will be with you in spirit, looking over your shoulder, HAH!

    1. I could never stop you from picking out of the trash, thats what I do at my classes, some of them toss pieces big enough to get a three inch square from !