Thursday, August 1, 2013

Changed my mind

on what quilt to hand quilt next.  I didn't have a piece of backing that would accommodate the Glorified Nine Patch from the last post, so I am working on quilting my Postage Stamp quilt that I was working on before I go sick.

I really was feeling much better until I was told in July that I have Lymphoma in the neck.  So I have been quilting when I feel like, sleeping when I feel like it and taking Chemotherapy and Radiation twice a week.  Such is life. 


  1. Jay that looks just gorgeous. The simple quilting suits it perfectly.

  2. Good luck with your treatment. I'm not very favorable towards chemo right now. My brother-in-law just passed away from cancer and the chemo did as much to kill him as the cancer. There's got to be a better way, if only the powers that be would allow it.

  3. Darn computers ... I just wrote you a long message and now it's gone!! Sorry to learn on your most recent diagnoses, life is not fair. Best advice I was given "cancer treatment has changed dramatically in the past 10 years" ... keep that thought. I am now a 3 year survivor. Might be in your city for a class soon, playing nurse to hubby, he fell and broke his right ankle. Take care!!!!!