Friday, April 9, 2010

What a Crazy Week

Its hard to believe that I haven't done any quilting or piecing since the string top.  Things just get in the way, ike life and work.  Right now at work we are busy getting things packed up to move the library temporarily to two different satellite locations because of renovations of the current library location.  Because of the type of working being done to the building everything must come out, and no one can be inside the library.

We are getting a new heating/air conditioning unit, a fire suppression system, new carpeting and the entire two floors of the building will be painted with many updates.  The building isn't that old, it was built in 1969, with lots of mid-century design elements which actually cause many problems in the current heating system.  It has a old boiler that only has two settings cold or hot, and its constantly deciding what it wants to do.  Since the ceilings and the walls need to be opened up, its a good time to update the carpeting with carpet tiles, which makes a lot of sense, since we would realistically only need to replace 4 carpet squares at the most, depending on the problems.

Oh yeah, and our Library Director decided to retire on the day we close.  What perfect timing!  So not!

They are thinking all this work can be done in 6 weeks, which in my mind is very doubtful in my opinion, but no one asked me.  So I have my desk to clean, and to remove everything, while still trying to provide complete service until next week, when we close.  We will have three days to do the packing and moving of the books, which is not a lot of time. So that's why I have been drained when I get home in the evenings.

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