Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Meet Mrs. Winifred Fuzzyboots

Let me introduce you to the newest member of the family!  Meet Winifred, a 6 year old spayed female Mackerel Tabby Cat. She was given to me by a friend, whose daughter found her living outside underneath a shed, in a new home her daughter bought.  The previous owners, just turned her out, and she had been outside for at least a year.  Poor thing!  She is spayed, and declawed, and with the winter that we had last year, I am surprised that she is still alive! 

She is the sweetest cat!  Loves to be held and to cuddle with one, and is a very trusting and loving cat.  She loves to sleep and eat, and lets me know every morning when its time to wake up by walking on me, sitting on my stomach and kneading my chest.  She does the same thing at night, when I get into bed, then lays at the foot of the bed all night.  Such a sweet kitty for the troubled life she had not 3 months ago. 

We first thought that she was a male, and but the vet changed those notions!  She was very healthy according to the vet, and is now update on all her shots, and is quickly gaining weight. She loves to sleep on my hand quilting frame, I think she thinks its the perfect Kitty Hammock.


  1. Pretty kitty. The neighbors probably knew she was around & put food out for her. Glad she found a good home.

  2. She is so pretty. And one blessed Kitty to have you as her servant.. LOL
    how are you doing with your bike riding?

  3. Thank goodness for people who love cats! It almost makes up for the ones who mistreat them. I'm so glad Winifred found a good home.