Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This is for you Lori...

No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth...not quite.  None of my goals have been accomplished, I am working to much, its getting to cold and I am getting grouchy!  But I am still here and I haven't touched my sewing machine since before I left for vacation.  Part of the problem is I can't find it...there is to much crap piled on it.

However, I have been preparing quilting lessons for handpiecing that will be offered at the library where I work.  We are doing a Read/Quilt along.  We will be reading the The Quilter's Apprentice by Jennifer Chiaverini, and will be learning how to handpiece the same sampler quilt that the central character is making in the novel; the blocks are integeral to the story.

Every week, there will be photographic instructions, as well as a brief synopsis of that part of the book that we have read posted to the library's blog.  So if you want to join us, leave a comment and I can point you in the right direction.

Other than that, thats be my life in a nutshell...

Have a wonderful Holiday Season, I even forgot about Chanukah this year!


  1. The quilt class/read-a-long sounds like fun. I haven't even read the last few books in that series yet. Your life sounds like it's been hectic and I can identify with that. I started stipping wallpaper of my kitchen walls on Nov. 7 and just put the new flooring down today. Now why did I start so late in the fall??? :) Hand in there till Sunday when all the Christmas craziness if over & we can all relax a little again. I look forward to getting reaquainted with my sewing machine too.

  2. Please excuse the typos in my comment...brain is mush.

  3. If I didn't hate handwork so much I would suggest you post the material as a series on this blog.

    After I finish my chores I am going to sew today, the modern way with my 1933 Singer 15

  4. Your class sounds like fun ... If I didn't work and wasn't 50 miles away ... I'd come join the kids!! LOLOL Life is ok here ... getting our small Christmas ready.

  5. Yes, you need to point me to those posts! I may head down your way sometime in January--can I have a personal lesson then? I think my brain is too old to learn any other way. teehee--I could teach you the *A* thing........Sway you to the dark side!

    I froze 8 pints of very condensed turkey broth--now I need some recipes!

    In January all the Holiday crazies will be gone. The after holiday crazies will come out! Then there are Valentine day crazies, Easter crazies, April Fool crazies, and May Day crazies. By then all the crazies are outside being crazy and only come to the library when it gets hot. Which will be all the time until October--when it all starts over again!

    I tend to side with some of the crazies........!