Thursday, December 2, 2010

Goals for this week

Well I am back from vacation, I got back on Monday, went to work Monday morning, and am now just getting a breather to update my quilt related goals for the week.  Vacation was great, and now back to normal!

Goals for this week are going to be very easy, I hope!

1.  Mail the blocks to Roma.
2.  Mail the huge box of fabric to Henrietta
3.  Deliver the huge boxes of fabric to Quilts of Valor in Lincoln.
4.  Work on 80 flying geese units for a green and white Dolly Madison Star blocks.

Hopefully these will all be complete by next Thursday!

And thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes.


  1. What with Lori gone to the Dark Side and the 'A' word and you planning on 80 flying geese in two days I am feeling positively dyspeptic.

  2. Henrietta was psychic again. She KNEW I had watched a Star Wars rerun. Dark side indeed! She is dyspeptic from the stew she made today.

    Green and white Dolly Madison quilt. I swoon! I have a book showing it in yellow, and I know I have plenty of yellow fabric........

    I'm still having fun with the "A" word, making those "two lips" blocks.

  3. Ok you 2 ... Lori & Henrietta ... what is dyspeptic? Hmm there is a dictionary on the floor at my feet, maybe I should use it? Oh yes, what I wanted to say ... Happy Birthday Jay ... sorry I missed it hope belated greetings are acceptable! So when IS your birthday?

  4. Jay, so much fun reading your goals for the week! You are definitely going 'full speed ahead' now that you are back from vacation!
    Beth in northern Florida

  5. you have fallen off the edge of the world down there again......