Wednesday, July 27, 2011

To Small to Save....

When people give me boxes of fabric from deceased family members, there is always a shoe box marked "Quilt Piece's to small to use."  I always found that funny, but then I realized I did the same thing.  This quilt top is made from pieces like those.  Pieces to small to use, but use them I did, and one shoe box crammed full yielded enough to make a top 60" x 80".  I will probably put a border on it and machine quilt it and use it on our bed.  Its a good utility quilt, and all the past quilters will see that those pieces, were just right to use...


  1. nothing is never to small for a purpose we just adapt it to fit were it needs to be. just like life some times we have to make a detour but, nothing is never to small to throw away.


  2. I am so happy you shared this picture and your comments. I love scrap quilts. You did a GREAT job and made every piece worthwhile.
    Sue J, Layton Utah

  3. I love using scraps. In fact one of the drawers I used wouldn't close yesterday--so guess what I was doing--making more 6.5 inch blocks. I love looking at them when they are cut. Love your quilt. I do organize my by brights used in kids quilts, fall or country colors, and lighter girly stuff. I like the mixture of yours.

  4. Lovely quilt, I am inspired to do this too. My too small box is pretty full and I'd love to see those scraps from favorite projects again.