Wednesday, July 27, 2011

To Small to Save....Part Deux

So, a lot has been going on here on the home front, personal wise, so last night / today / early this morning, however you want to look at it, I set the top together, and am thinking about using yellow, red gingham, and a black and white polka dot for the border of the To Small to Save quilt. I think I like, but that just could be I have been up all night thinking about things, and mindlessly sewing.  It certainly helps me to relax...and I know there should be sheets on the bed, but why?  It's currently just being used as a design wall.

So what do you all think of the border choices?  They aren't pieced on the top yet, just cut, I am getting tired!  HaHaHa

Wow two posts in one day, what is up with me?  Work is going well, the hand quilting class is good, I am feeling better, just tired most of the time when the end is done.  But alas, the world is still spinning and I have a lot of stuff to I best be getting to it! 


  1. Your border choices add a lot of pizzazz to the quilt. I like 'em.

  2. it fits you well , it has a personality all of its own, we all are different and that the way quilting should be it has a small part of you in every piece of fabric and every stich you take. i really like your borders. i am at awe at how you put so many different colers and pattern together that i would not do. and how buetiful your quilts tuen out. and i can see you everryone of the quilts i have that you have made. i will always cherish you and your quilts.