Monday, February 20, 2012

Postage Stamp Quilt....and Some Help

Hello everyone!  I have been working on a postage stamp quilt, and I I have it three quarters complete.  It is made from vintage 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's fabric.  I love it, a print piece alternated with a white piece.  Here is my problem.  I want every piece different.  So I need 200 more 2 1/2 inch cut squares.  Is there anyone out there would trade me those for 6 Civil War Reproduction fat quarters.  I am looking for fabric that is either reproduction or reads as if its from the above era's.  Even those early 70's calicoes would work.  Leave me a comment if you can help and I will e-mail you and we can get in touch!

Thanks so much!


  1. I have a few. Send me your address.
    judylynnbaumann at yahoo dot com

  2. Let me send you some blocks as well. I cut my scraps into blocks so I will make sure not to duplicate. Tell me if you have a particular color group you need as well.
    ldybluiis1951 at yahoo dot com