Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stash Report

Well I was busy this past week. I pieced 5 tops out of 6 inch squares, those go FAST. I also made the backs for them, and cut the binding. So that was an easy 30 Yards out of the stash. The other two yards was the sashing for the quilt as you go. I am not counting the flower garden since they were already cut. But I will count the backing which was 6 yards. Its already on the frame. So I think I will have no problem using the fabric I bought. Well I hope I don't. I also used another two yards for binding the Lincoln Platform Quilt.

Purchases this week 0 yds
Purchases YTD: 256.5 yards

Used this week: 40 yards
Used YTD: 54.5 yards

Running Total 187.5 yards in the red


  1. Keep up this pace and you will be out of the hole before the snow melts!
    Just curious, what kind of longarm do you have?

  2. wow--one week and you've made a big dent in that purchase! I HAD to jump to your blog to check. Which quilt is the Lincoln's platform? is the picture on your blog? It is the buckeye beauty I love??

  3. Great going, Jay! You're really making a dent in that purchase...which, of course, we ALL agree was VERY necessary...good grief! who could resist $1.00/yd?????