Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stash Report

I have come to the conclusion that I enjoy quilting much more than piecing or applique. Though if you would look at my stack of quilt tops, you would think differently. So while continuing to clean out fabric, finding block sets etc, I have decided that almost all of my stash is going out the door. It has become so cumbersome, that I would rather buy fabric to make a quilt then to actually look at what I have here at the house.

So while I have close to 100 quilt tops that are not finished, these are mine, not ones for donation. And I found almost 30 sets of quilt block sets. Right there is 130 quilts. Now mind you, I don't make doll quilts, wall hangings, table runners etc. I think its great that people do make these, and I do like looking at them, but for my own use I would rather make bed quilts. Quilts that I can use and quilts that I want people to use are the quilts that I want to make, so those 130 quilts, well, they will be eventually, are all bed size.

With this thought, and if I want to make a top, I would rather buy the fabric and make the top and have a small manageable stash that inspires me, then a stash that paralyzes me, which is what I have at the moment.

With that, I am going to be weeding out almost all of my stash. This does not mean I am not going to be quilting any longer, it just means that I am going to do the process that I like to do the best, and that is quilting, more specifically hand quilting. Fabric that I am keeping is going to be yardage that will work for backs of some quilts, and or border's, sashing, etc for the quilt tops and blocks I have. I will also be keeping some scraps for scrappy quilts, and with buying borders, and other fabrics as needed, I think I will feel more at ease with where I am in this new phase of my quilting life. I will also be keeping all charity fabric that was donated to me, and I will continue to make charity quilts for the groups that I make them for now.

With all that being said. Here is my stash report for this week.

This week alone I purged 350 yards of fabric, which made absolutely no dent in room 1 of my stash. It was divided between three church groups, and they were happy to receive it. This might not seem fair to some people, but when you have as much fabric as I have, this doesn't even make a dent in anything. And because I am not actually using my fabric, I just might not do any more stash reports until I am comfortable with the amount of fabric that I actually have.

If any one is coming to the Nebraska sew in for HeartStrings, be prepared to take lots of fabric home with you!

Purchases this week 0.0 yds
Purchases YTD: 256.5 yards

Used this week: 350.0 yards
Used YTD: 537.5 yards

Running Total 281.0 yards in the black


  1. No fabric for me thank you very much - I have more than enough of my own!

    One thing that HeartStrings taught me is that I'm happiest when I'm piecing and quilting in equal amounts -- I've been trying to control the number of donation tops I get so I have time for piecing my own donation quilts.

    There are so many things I wish I had more time for, hand quilting, hand piecing, crazy quilting, and knitting socks :)

    See you in a couple weeks.

  2. Oh, my goodness. That is a lot of fabric to give away. Still, keep counting it in your stash report. The point, to me, of the reports, is to see how people use their stash and get it to the point where they love it. If you don't love it and are giving it away, that's a fair way to use it!

  3. Just think of all the donations quilts the fabric you are giving away will make, terrific.

    I can understand what you mean. I have fabric I bought 10 years ago that I just really don't like anymore. I am slowly using that up in backings for charity quilts but it is slow going.

    Kathie L.

  4. I feel your pain! What a great idea to spread the wealth to those 3 church groups. I do hope that you continue to post to the Stash Report as you just may motivate someone to do the same as you are doing . . . .

  5. You know, I think that you are very wise. It sounds like you have really thought about what you like best, and you should really enjoy the fabrics you have. I am proud of you. But oh my, what work - to start organizing...

  6. Yes, I agree. Please don't stop coming here to report your stash updates. One, it will inpire us to do things with our own stashes, and two, it will make you see how far you've come with yours.
    and we want to know when you are back to loving your stash. And it's good to know what you love to do. Great post!!!

  7. Ditto for me. I think it is great that it is going to good use. I think it is good to declutter.. Plus our tastes in colors and fabrics are constantly changing. Keep reporting. Look forward to seeing your projects.

  8. I'm really impressed that you've recognized an issue and are dealing with it. Kudos! You're achieving your goal and making a lot of people happy. A win/win situation! Will look forward to more such reports from you! You are such an inspiration!

  9. Oh Jay, what a hoot!! Yes, do what you like to do best. I like to piece, but when I quilt I like to quilt several items in a row. It all evens out. And yes, if you have some donation fabric, I'll take some home at the sew in.

  10. Congrats on figuring out what will work best for YOU and acting on it :)

  11. Hey, I'll take some of that stash!! We need all we can get for QOV!!!! RWB, browns, creams any thing that is suitable for QOV's... can skip any floral! Thanks in advance!

  12. Jay,

    I have enjoyed reading your blog. I found it through the Heartstring webring. My church has a ministry called Bags of Love. Here is a link to our church newsletter telling you about it.
    I know it is quite bold of me to ask, but if you are willing and you still have more stash you would like to share I would be more than happy to pay the shipping for our church ministry. We would love any bright, cheerful kid friendly fabrics.

    Thank you for considering us. You may reach me at kganoATattDOTnet

    Lisa Gano