Wednesday, November 3, 2010

JudyL's Knit Along Update number 1

Well I tried, I really did.  I really wanted to knit two socks at the same time on two circular needles.  But alas, I gave up in frustration.  I kept trying to cast on, and it would tangle, and I got so upset, I tossed them across the room, dug into my knitting basket, pulled out my double pointed needles, and blissfully casted on.  Below you will find the first finished sock this month.  Knit on size 4 needles with a heavier yarn, I call these boot socks, to be worn while scooping snow, and walking to work when its very cold. 

Quick and easy, took me about two hours to knit this one sock, the second one is on the needles now, and I hope to have it finished tomorrow!  Then on to some socks with some wool I dyed myself.  That makes me excited!

Please ignore the weird photo, and the tale I need to weave in, but its the only place I could get the photo to look like there was actually a sock!


  1. It's probably just the angle of the photo, but that sock looks very small. Or maybe you have tiny little tootsies??

  2. I share your frustration on knitting two socks on the same needle.

    Your finished sock looks great. Two hours to make a sock is pretty speedy, so at that speed, you don't need to work on two at the same time.

  3. I don't get it, I'm really a beginner knitter and I don't have any problem casting on and knitting two socks. I think you guys are just too set in your ways!!

  4. LOL, Mary, I agree with Nancy above, if I can knit socks one at a time, and do one sock a evening, I don't need your two at a time method! LOL

  5. I chuckle at all the quilters who are knitting socks! I haven't caught that bug, the quilt pox is enough. Don't forget, you have to show me hand piecing. I have *somewhat* caught on to applique. No baltimore album quilts lurking in my mind. Simple things! You just wait Jay, when your back is turned Henrietta and I are raiding your stash. We have bribed Mrs. Fuzzyboots-she's in cahoots with us. I'm not sure what Henrietta bribed her with--I think it was a vacation at her house......