Sunday, November 21, 2010

Goals for this week...

I have been setting goals for myself and it seems to help out a lot.  I have also gotten EVERYTHING organized the way I like it when I sew finally.  So with that being said, I think I am going to start posting goals every Sunday, for the week so I can account for what I do during the week.   This is more for me personally, then you guys who read this.  So what were my goals last week:

1.  Finish the Trip Around the World Quilt
2.  Finish piecing blocks for a Patience Corner Quilt
3.  Set Patience Corner Quilt  top together
4.  Knit 5 caps for charity.

What did I get done?

I got the TATW, finished Monday, the Patience Corner Quilt top has been set together, though I did finish it Saturday night.  And I only knitted three caps, and those were knit in one evening while watching a DVD series.

Whats up for this week:

I am going out of town on vacation on Wednesday, and I plan to get some background triangles cut for a Maple Leaf blocks.  These are vintage from the 50's, and cut out, except for 80 triangles, I hope to cut the triangles before I leave, and have them with me to piece.  That's it for goals this week  That and to knit the other two hats from last week. 

My current book is the Worse Hard Time, about the Dust Bowl, very good read, a few mistakes in research, but overall, a good read, and very interesting.  I do recommend the book.


  1. I am beginning to think setting goals publicly is depressing. This week I have only one goal, setting the target low, maybe I will achieve it. LOL.