Thursday, December 22, 2011

Men That Quilt

I absolutely love the Nebraska quilt project book.  It is well done and has won several awards.  One of the best state quilt books out there, and one that I use to judge other state project books.  In the back of the book they include famous Nebraska Quiltmakers.  One of those is Ernest B. Haight of David City, NE.  It is often said by his wife, that one day while quilting a quilt made by her grandmother, Mr. Haight said something about the exactness of her piecing.  She told him that if he thought he could do better, he should, otherwise keep still.  Well he took her upon on that challenge.  Not only did he piece intricate quilts, he developed a system of machine quilting, that even Harriet Hargrave mentions in one of her books. 

In March of 2011 there was a presentation about Mr. Haight and his quiltmaking, which can be seen by clicking here.   If you would like even more information, you can click here for a quick biography by Shelly Burge.  Below are pictures of two of his quilts.

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